The Reason

Like most (bad) ideas, this one started out as one of many drunken conversations in the Students Union bar at the University of Hull, along the lines of "Wouldn't it be great to visit all the football grounds in the country? Want another drink?". For some reason, we decided to go and do it a couple of years after we graduated. I guess you could call it a desperate attempt to bring back some memories of student life, or just an interesting way to see the country.

It would be fairly pointless trying to describe why we'd want to do something like this to someone who doesn't like football, but anyone will be able to appreciate how much it took out of us physically, emotionally and financially, which brings us on to the real reason for this. Cash. Not for us, for charity.

We raised over £600 for two charities:

  • Heart Research UK , who do great work helping to combat heart disease, the biggest killer in Britain. 41% of all deaths are from heart related disease. It can affect men, women and children. Every day, over 700 people in the UK suffer a heart attack and more than 300 people die due to heart disease. That's a massive 110,000 deaths a year.
  • Motor Neurone Disease Association , who provide care and support to people with Motor Neurone Disease and to those who care for them. It speaks on their behalf, demanding the best possible standards of care, and promotes and funds scientific research into the causes, treatments and potential cures for the disease.

We paid all our own expenses and didn't take a single penny out of donations.