The Story

The story of our quest is as follows.

Day 1 - The East

Saturday 13th August 2005

We should have known that the trip wasn't going to go smoothly when we all managed to oversleep on the first day, by about an hour. Despite this omen, we left the house shortly before 7am and arrived at stadium number 1 - Hull City's KC Stadium:

Nothing much going on there, but at least we knew we'd be able to find this one - they weren't all so easy! Despite having to make up some time, we decided to take in Hull's former ground, Boothferry Park, for old time's sake. Note: it really is Boothferry Park, and not the similar-looking Bothferry Park.

Next stop was Grimsby's Blundell Park just over half an hour later. We were wrongly led into believing we were going to be in for some nice weather; some obscure LED sign telling us it was 15 degrees at 7.45am (yes, Andrew logged everything!).

By the time we'd got to Glanford Park at Scunthorpe we thought it was all going pretty well, and we'd had the illusion of nice weather shattered as it was chucking it down. Despite getting a soaking, we managed to get into the stadium for a few pictures. If anyone from Scunthorpe United reads this - we did shout to see if anyone was home first!

From Scunthorpe it was on to Lincoln City, arriving at Sincil bank just before 10am. No access to the stadium here as they'd all locked up and gone to their away fixture.

It was then onto to York Street, home of Boston United. We managed to just wander on into the stadium here as well. Also I have to give a special mention to the Boston United club shop - if you've ever seen it then you'll know what I mean.

We then moved onto Peterborough United's stadium at London Road. We arrived at 12.05pm which meant Luke started to panic about not making it to the Norwich vs Palace game on time. Which also gave Vicki and Andrew something to laugh about. Some people are just mean.

Just over two and a half hours later, we arrived at Carrow Road just in time for Luke and Andrew to take in the match - unfortunately we couldn't get a ticket for Vicki, she should have been made to watch that rubbish as well. She did sneak in after the game for a picture though.

The only thing that made it worthwhile was meeting City striker Dean Ashton after the game.


From there it was on to Ipswich. As Luke is a Norwich fan, this was obviously not a pleasant experience but it's just something that has to be done, like cleaning up the sick after a party. Or something like that.

A quick exit from Portman Road, and it was on to Colchester United, just down the road, at Layer Road.

By now it had started to really pour with rain again, and that's why the picture is a bit dark! This side of the stadium is a bit like a time-warp, but endearing nonetheless. The next calling point was Southend United. We arrived at Roots Hall at about 9.40pm, to find it completely dark. Luckily a bit of clever parking on a hill and staring into full-beam headlights meant we got a half-decent picture.

We had planned to go to Gillingham next, but it was getting late, it was Saturday, and we wanted a drink. And besides, we'd have loads of time to do it on Sunday... or so we thought.

In the spirit of procrastination, we also decided to ditch Luton for another day, and head over to Watford where our friends Chris and Amy kindly let us stay the night.

Mileage for the day: 442